We will be reducing our club to an operating status of 25% capacity. Wellness checks are required. Please wear face coverings and STAY home if you are not feeling well.

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Athletic Performance

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Out Work. Out Perform.

In the world of competitive sports, every athlete needs an edge. At STaFIT, we are here to provide that edge. Our functional-driven approach focuses on injury prevention and preparing our athletes to excel at their respective sport.

With our highly trained coaches and our premier sports amenities, our goal is to maximize the potential of each of our student athletes!


Our high school and collegiate programs focus on improving speed, agility, strength, power, and flexibility.


Our athletetic programs focus on coordination, self-confidence, and building a strong athletic foundation for the future.

personal training area ropes & trx system
Man pushing weight training sled

Sports Team Training

At STaFIT, we believe strength and conditioning should go beyond athletic development. Our team training will inspire leadership and create a positive team atmosphere for our athletes to succeed. If your team is looking for that extra edge, we can customize a program that can help your team have a successful season. Whether the training sessions are at our facility or off site, our experienced coaches will push the athletes to their full potential. When partnering up with STaFIT, expect STaFIT results!