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Get Great Benefits From Protein Shakes
published on October 11, 2020
Fit Pro GO Protein

Do Protein Shakes Help You Loose Weight

After Drinking A Protein Shake. Working Out is Recommend.

Most protein shake manufacturers claim consuming their products will help you loose weight! This is not necessarily true. Considering protein shakes are calories and consuming too many calories can make loosing weight much more difficult. Protein companies are basing their research on a 2000 calorie diet. If you consume only 2000 calories per day, typically you can loose weight. But are you getting the nutrition needed to loose weight the healthy way?

The average adult needs approx. 42 – 56 grams of protein per day. Depending on the their weight & health. Utilizing protein shakes as a meal replacement, can help you loose weight, but is that healthy? Only if you are getting other nutritional value from fruits, vegetables and other healthy solid foods. Not to mention, working out to burn calories can help the protein do its job, this detail is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Protein shakes can help you loose wight, if you moderate them & stay discipline with your calorie/nutritional intake.

Here are the typical nutritional facts for 1 bottle of the average protein shake. (FitPro Brand)

Fit Pro Nutrition Facts

Fit Pro Protein Calories & Fat Nutrition Facts


  • How much protein are you consuming in your diet?
    • To begin understanding how protein can help you loose weight on your fitness journey. You must first benchmark your diet habits and understand how much protein you are consuming. Too much and you may gain weight (WebMD states you can build up toxic ketones in the body as well). Not enough and the muscle will be harder to build. We all know, that building muscle will help you incinerate fat. Because muscle burns fat! The overall question is, how much protein are you consuming daily? (See How to Count Your Macros).
  • Are you weight training in your workouts?
    • If you are looking to burn fat, you must build muscle. Building muscle by lifting weights is the right way to strengthen your body & incinerate fat. That being said, if you are consuming the correct amount of protein, this process becomes easier. What we are saying? The best way to utilize the protein you are consuming daily, is to soak it into your muscles by lifting weights. NO, you do not have to lift heavy. Just working your muscle with light weight and repetitions works.
  • How much protein do I need?
    • Learning how to get the proper amount of protein in your diet is not rocket science. Most healthy adults consume enough protein in their average diet. The amount of protein you intake is based on your weight and caloric intake. Although, Some adults may suffer from a lack of protein. Typically, these are individuals are those with illness, eating disorders & some elderly women.

FitPRO Chocolate Shake

  • Does my body need protein?
    • Daily protein is extremely important for you health & wellness. Protein helps in deciding your overall body structure. As well as aid in the division of cells for growth, reproduction and healing. The human body is made up of 100,000 protein combinations and approx. 18% – 20% of your overall body weight is due to protein. See interesting facts about the benefits of protein.


After researching and analyzing the overall benefits of daily protein. It has been determined that utilizing protein intake daily is necessary to help you loose weight. More importantly protein is essential for you to be healthy. We have also determined that protein is only entirely effective when you measure what you intake, and make adjustments to consume the proper amount. If you are in need of the best nutritional counseling performed by quality & certified personal trainers. Use the form to get a free body/nutrition assessment.